Our Mission

Gary Batasar, Brampton, ON, Canada

I am committed to defending my clients in the best way possible. During my 25+ years throughout the GTA and primarily at the Brampton Courthouse, first, as a student and then as a lawyer, I have earned many beneficial and respectful contacts with Judges, Crown Attorneys, and Police Officers in Peel.

Over the years, I have used these positive relationships to help defend my clients while always keeping in mind their best interests.

Although it is an adversarial system, I do not believe in the need to needlessly disagree and be offensive in the process towards the Prosecution or the Police; I find that if everybody is treated with respect the best results are accomplished for my clients; and after all that is the goal.

Statistics have shown that over 90% of criminal cases are resolved without going to trial, with that being said, I do not believe in charging my clients trial fees for cases that I believe can be resolved via a withdrawal, a peace bond, or a position that is non-custodial, ultimately sparing the client jail time, saving their livelihood, and their family from the arduous process that is criminal law.

I find that a good rapport with everyone from the cleaning staff, the Court, the Crown staff and Clerks to the Judges, is not only appropriate but makes for good and practical business relationships.


Some of the things I can assure you will receive if dealing with my office are:

  • I will directly be dealing with your case, not a junior lawyer. If you call or are referred to me, you will get me, GARY BATASAR, not another lawyer dealing with your case;
  • I am a lawyer that strives on getting results for clients, not increasing the volume or paying commissions to other lawyers who are doing cases on my behalf;
  • I also can assure you I will not be meeting you in a coffee shop or an open area to discuss your sensitive, confidential case like other lawyers may do. This is your life, after all, that is on the line and meeting outside of a law office, such as the courthouse or in a coffee shop, is both unprofessional and breaches your confidentiality;
  • I also can assure you that as an experienced lawyer, you will be treated fairly. I do not speak poorly of other lawyers; I do not talk behind their backs. Other lawyers who choose to do that are doing so because of their own insecurity or inability that you will not hear from my office;
  • I represent clients to the fullest of my ability: I deal with my clients, interact with their families, their friends and loved ones in order to properly deal with their case;
  • I am always available via email or my cell phone and I will go the extra mile to ensure that you received the results you desire;
  • We’re also not lawyers who tell you that “we only do trials and we never will negotiate or plead your case”, that is just impossible;
  • Some cases must be negotiated for the best result: I will not string a client along to do unwarranted motions, court appearances or wasting time and your money.

That is the type of quality service all clients deserve when dealing with the court process. This is the service you will receive after hiring me, GARY BATASAR, among the best lawyers in Brampton!


I have been working with Gary through my case for quite some time now. I decided to hire him after I had a bad encounter with a previous lawyer. Gary has been nothing but helpful since then. I am very happy with the direction in which my court case is headed and I couldn’t be more thankful to him. He is educated, informative and professional.
A man with integrity, a Lawyer you can trust. Thanks to Mr Batasar a close personal friend of mine had charges dropped that he was completely innocent of. I am very glad I recommended my fellow countryman. If ever I or any other of my loved ones needed legal assistance I would surely recommend Gary Batasar!
Very helpful, got me out of a pinch where I didn’t know what to do or how to proceed. Really cleared things up and made things easy. Couldn’t recommend him more.
One of my family members hired Mr. Batasar as his lawyer and he was not disappointed. Mr. Batasar is probably one of the most prominent lawyers in the country and we were happy to have him represent us. He dealt with my brothers case in such a professional matter he knows the crowns he knows the judges he knows the police and he gets things done. While he may charge a lot of money for services we would not regret one cent we paid to him from day one he was professional and at the end of the day we got the result we wanted from him.

My brother can now stay in the country he can now get married to his wife and the issues he had with immigration are done. The fact that he won his case only because of Mr. Batasar is the president.

We went to other lawyers before him some lawyers were very cheap and they promised us the moon but they were very inexperienced and did not know what was happening or going on in the courthouse or in the criminal law system. Don’t trust your life don’t waste money on these losers spend a little more and hire a winner. Call me anytime let me know any questions because I am happy to recommend Mr. Batasar as my lawyer.

Thanks Gary YOU ARE THE BEST 👍.

Mr Batasar has a brilliant mind for law and a an extreme determination to win! He wants the outcome in your favor more than you do. I am thankful I have referred clients to him in the past and they were exceptionally impressed by his dedication and results focused approach. You are a compliment to our Justice system and a true advocate to the rule of law! Keep up the great work!

I would highly recommend him to anybody. He is worth every single dollar you spend on him.

He has an office with staff and has an excellent reputation in the courts. Thank you again Mr. Batasar

Mr. Batasar was recommended by a family friend of ours for a very serious insurance fraud case.

We met with him as my cousin did not speak English I was the interpreter.

And from the very beginning he was professional, calm and excellent to my whole family. He approach the case from a very unique perspective analyze some of the holes in the crowns evidence and approach the crown attorney to discuss the matte. after he did this the crown attorney realized that the case was weak but they were still asking for 18 to 24 months jail.

Mr. Batasar compiled a list of cases and presented it to the judge and was successful in getting my cousin probation and the majority of the charges being withdrawn and my cousin is now allowed to stay in Canada because of Mr. Batasar’s excellent work.

I would highly recommend him to anybody. He is worth every single dollar you spend on him.

He has an office with staff and has an excellent reputation in the courts. Thank you again Mr. Batasar

When he tells you he is a man of his words he isnt lying. That’s hard to find these days. He made everything happen for me. No complaints. I’ll never lose his number. I highly recommend if you get yourself involved with the justice system.
From the time I met him he made me feel comfortable and the impression I got was that he was very knowledgeable of everything he was talking about.

He knows the courts he he knows the people that matter in the courts he got me acquitted of all my charges I got to keep my license to continue to support my family and don’t be fooled by all the clowns out there.

As a dentist I can say this guy knows what he’s doing and if a lawyer is not charging you right then something is wrong!!!

So don’t go for Price go for quality thank you Mr Batasar!!!

I couldn’t express beyond words my gratitude to you for all the hardwork you did on my behalf.
I will and always be forever grateful for all your dedication and perseverance and effort you spend with me. You worked tirelessly and went through and each every detail to ensure the best possible outcome.
It was a nerve rocking situation but I was blown away by the result. You are a very skillful and smart lawyer. Again, thank you, you did an excellent job!!! I will highly recommend you. God bless!
Mr. Batasar made both my charges disappear like they never happened when, in reality, I should have gotten a record for these charges. I would highly recommend that you put your faith in Mr. Batasar when it comes to the law.
My cousin had 2 charges and was very stressed. When he took his case to Mr. Batasar, everything was dealt with professionally and my cousin is very happy with the results.
Very helpful, got me out of a pinch where I didn’t know what to do or how to proceed. Really cleared things up and made things easy. Couldn’t recommend him more.
You are an excellent lawyer. Your expertise as a lawyer- outstanding and highly professional. I thank you for everything you done for me and my mother.
I used to deal with another lawyer prior to coming to Mr. Batasar’s office. My other lawyer did not have an office and I always had to meet him at a coffee shop or the courthouse. I also was never able to contact my previous lawyer as my calls would always be forwarded to his voicemail. After coming to Mr. Batasar, i now question why I hadn’t made the decision to switch sooner. If Mr. Batasar was unavailable to speak with, his assistant was well versed and was able to provide an update on my case.  There was always somebody available to take my call and assist with any questions I had regarding my case. Due to my work schedule I was not always able to contact the office during normal business hours. I was able to contact directly with Mr. Batasar after hours and on weekends via email and telephone.  If i ever had to drop paperwork off to his office and was unable to attend prior to closing, his assistant was always willing and able to stay after closing to accommodate my schedule.
My brother was charged on a Friday night with assault and was being held for a bail hearing the following morning. Given that it was the weekend,  I did not expect to get a hold of a lawyer until the following week. However, this was not the case with Mr. Batasar. I was able to contact Mr. Batasar Saturday morning and have him attend my brother’s bail hearing the same day. Mr. Batasar was able to have my brother released and because of his assistance, my brother did not have to remain in custody for the rest of the weekend.

I was charged in connection with several break and enters. Due to my current situation, I was unable to retain Mr. Batasar privately and approached his office with a Legal Aid certificate. I was warmly greeted and my Legal Aid was accepted. Prior to attending Mr. Batasar’s office, I contacted other lawyers with my Legal Aid certificate; however they all advised me that they did not have the time to spend on my matter unless I paid them privately. I was not treated like a “criminal” and felt very comfortable speaking to Gary about the circumstances surrounding my case.


Informative, knowledgeable, honest and efficient are only some characteristics I would use to describe Mr. Batasar and his staff when dealing with my case. I was charged with sexual- related offences and as you can imagine, this was a very stressful time for not only me but my family as well. Mr. Batasar was able to clearly explain the step by step process that he would be engaging in throughout the course of my case.  He was able to put me at ease and I felt comfortable placing my future in his hands. This matter went all the way to trial at the Superior Court level. After trial, I was found not guilty on all charges. I cannot thank Mr. Batasar enough for what he has done. I would recommend Mr. Batasar to anyone without hesitation.

I was referred to Mr. Batasar by a co-worker on the account that he was one of the best lawyer’s to deal with any criminal matter. This was the best decision I could have made. My employer requires yearly police checks and having a conviction would have jeopardized my employment. Mr. Batasar was able to have my drug trafficking charges withdrawn in a timely manner. It is because of him that I am currently still employed and able to support my wife and child. Thanks for everything Gary.

When I was charged, I was unsure which lawyer I was going to retain to assist with my matter. Mr. Batasar’s office staff was extremely knowledgeable and able to provide the general information I was seeking prior to retaining a lawyer. When I attended my intake appointment with Mr. Batasar, I was greeted the moment I stepped into the office. After discussing our course of action, Mr. Batasar went right to work on my case and was able to have my charges withdrawn before my first court date!

Thank you for your services as a specialized criminal lawyer.  Both of my boys were charged and the previous lawyers mishandled the file which would have led to attempted murder charges if you did not take over the file after I released the previous lawyers. You carefully went through the facts and were able to prove to the Crown that this incident was not as it seemed and the boys were victims, resulting in all charges being dropped. Due to the incident that led to my boys being charged, we were forced to move from our home of over 15 years to seek protection away from this gang.  We now have peace of mind knowing this matter has been dealt with appropriately. Gary, you can give my name to any parent who needs to speak to another parent and I will recommend your services.