Jul 04

Multiple Domestic Charges

This client was charged with a serious of domestic assault charges ranging over a short period of time from his girlfriend. He too was visiting and applying for his Permanent Residence card. A criminal record would result in immediate removal from Canada. After spending so much money to come to…
Jun 20

Importing Cocaine -Withdrawn

Client was arrested coming into the country from the Caribbean with 10 kilos of cocaine in his possession. After conducting numerous pre-trials and having the matter set down for trial after having had a preliminary inquiry on the Eve of trial the Crown agreed that they had no reasonable prospect…
Oct 24
Oct 17
Oct 12

Conditional Sentence – No Jail

Client was facing a significant penitentiary time as result of his record. He was charged with numerous breaches of probation, breach of conditional sentence, possession of narcotics. After discussions with the prosecutor the Crown agreed to withdraw the breach and theft charges and put the client back on his conditional…